Marine Stories We consist of a diverse group of people brought together by common beliefs: Courage, Collaboration, Compassion, Commitment – and Advancing Lives. Our Marine community is rich with stories that inspire us professionally and personally.

Taylor Wheeler

Taylor joined MCU as a loan officer in 2019 and found her true calling in Loan Processing. With the support of managers, mentors, and a strong group of friends, she has flourished, leading with her values of continuous growth and development.

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson left a toxic banking job for Marine Credit Union, where she now serves as Chair of the Belonging & Inclusion Coalition, valuing mental health and support from her family.

Maria Horn

Maria talked about how much she appreciates her team and how she is able to have empathy for members from her own experiences with financial hardships. “I really care,” she added.

Jessie Magee

Jessie Magee summed up for Heart of MCU interview by saying, “Just make sure people know I love my family and my awesome kids. I love my job. I have no complaints about Marine Credit Union.”

Ben Watt

Ben learned about having grace and compassion through trials in his personal life. MCU helped him with a mortgage when everyone else told him no. He now extends that same grace and compassion to others. “I’m not selling mortgages,” Ben explained. “It’s about building relationships. I’m helping them to realize how life can change when finances are handled successfully.”

Meg Puckhaber

Growing up learning the value and practice of helping others, Meg explained that she now appreciates the opportunity to work for an organization that places an emphasis on giving back. “Giving back” is what she is most passionate about in both her personal and professional lives. “It takes a village to keep the community thriving,”

Heather Olson

Heather said that her teammates drive her. “You can see the passion on their faces. They are always willing to go above and beyond for the member. It’s not just about getting the loan or getting the number. This team truly wants to make that person’s life better. The member is number one.”

Kinlee Olsen (Prestine)

Kinlee shared, “There is something about Marine Credit Union (MCU). I love everyone at MCU.” Kinlee said that she appreciates the collaborative culture at MCU. She is also grateful for her own hardships in life so she can have empathy towards those they serve.

Kelly Zielinski

From Australia to Hawaii and Alaska, Kelly has lived all over the world and the U.S., but shared she found “home” in Hokah, Minnesota and at Marine Credit Union. “I fell in love with this company,” she shared with a smile. “I am definitely an MCU-er for live.”

Becky Hynes

Becky is clearly passionate about at least two things; horse riding and helping MCU members achieve their financial goals. Becky shared she was certified as a Credit Union Financial Counselor just prior to her Heart of MCU interview. “At MCU,” she said, “there are always opportunities to grow and improve ourselves so that we can help members.”

Darrick Weeks

In his new role as CEO of Marine Credit Union, Darrick Weeks brought over 30 years of experience in financial organizations and a desire for an exciting transformational time for MCU. In his Heart of MCU interview, Darrick shared his love of his family, a few stories and his compassion for MCU employees and those they serve. “It’s going to be challenging. It’s going to be fun,” he shared. “It’s very exciting.”

Adis Salkic

Adis and his family emigrated from Bosnia during the war to “find a better life.” He shared that although his family went through difficult times, they support and depend on each other. “Me and my mom and brother … we stick pretty close together. People call me a momma’s boy,” Adis shared and smiled. “I don’t really care. I don’t want my mom struggling or doing everything. She is my role model. She has been through a lot.”

Marisa Ellsworth

Inspired by her father who told her to “go live your life,” Marisa has lived all over the country, is a world traveler, and even tried skydiving … but she said she has found “family” personally and professionally with friends in Wisconsin and with her coworkers at MCU. “We have such a great team.” Marisa shared. “It’s not just about what you do, but who you work with. They are my second family.”

Ryan Brubaker

Ryan has always liked his jobs, but something “stood out” for him at Marine Credit Union. He said he knew when learning of MCU’s mission that it was more in alignment with what he wanted to be doing with his life. “Every day you wake up knowing you’re going to help someone in the community,” he said. “That is definitely at the front of the mind for the entire company.”

Zoe Johnson

Zoë shared her story of completing high school at the beginning of COVID and a touching story of how she supported her sister Ally, her best friend, when her sister was diagnosed with brain cancer at only 11 years of age. Through it all, Zoë found a passion in her heart to help others now through her work at Marine. “I love it at MCU and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me,” Zoë shared.

Andrew Gouff

Having lived homeless three different times in his life, Andrew Gouff found a passion to help others and feels he can do so now building relationships with Marine Credit Union members and volunteering for organizations, such as the Salvation Army, that helped him in his past. “I lived there for three months,” he shared. “I would have given anything to have one person who cared.”

Andrea Devine

Andrea gained a desire to help others from her parents, a school bus driver and nurse. Now at Marine, she is able to share her own experiences with financial struggles to help MCU members. Andrea explained that MCU helped her during times of financial hardship and now she is able pay it forward. “I have a soft spot because of MCU helping me when I needed it,” she shared. “Somebody believed in me and that was really special.”

Abby Martin

After a successful career in radio broadcasting, Abby Martin, a Collections Representative at MCU since May of 2022, said she completely changed after having her three boys, two of which are autistic. “I’m tired,” she said with a laugh and added, “Some days are better than others.”

Colleen Flasch

Colleen Flasch works as an operations specialist at Marine Credit Union. Whether she is helping members, other departments in MCU’s organization, or volunteering in the community, Colleen is passionate about helping others. “I feel the need to help people,” Colleen said. “It’s just me being me.”

Kassiah Vande Kolk

Kassiah Vande Kolk shared stories of her and her husband’s rescued pets during her Heart of MCU interview. Much like the “zoo” she has at home, Kassiah shared that her passion for her work at MCU keeps her busy too.

Ian Spohn

Ian Spohn shared that he didn’t have positive role models as a child to learn about financial stability and emotional intelligence. Yet, he shared that he eventually found the love and support he needed from his wife, Alison. Ian now gives back through his work at MCU and through volunteering with children who need support.

Emily Cochran

Weaving through the diverse, interesting and colorful stories of her life, Emily Cochran told the most difficult one to hear near the end of her interview … with an important message to help others who may be struggling.

Caleb Chmielewski

Not liking to be bored, Caleb Chmielewski, Business System Administrator at Marine Credit Union (MCU), shared that he has been involved in several different positions and projects since starting at MCU as a college intern. “MCU was my first ‘big boy job’ and the only thing I’ve really ever known.”

Marie Jacobsen

Part of Marie Jacobsen’s story included a rare look into the life of her father, a nuclear physicist, who was part of an emergency response team to decommission nuclear reactors – one of the most notable saving Fukushima, Japan from nuclear destruction in 2011. Marie said she loves working at Marine Credit Union. “The support here has been amazing. I have never met more supportive people … ever. I feel very connected to them.”

Jon Kramer

Having worked in a both banks and high interest loan companies, Jon Kramer shared he found a good balance between the two at Marine Credit Union. “We can take someone who has bad credit, and we can convert that to good loans with good rates,” Jon shared and added that the key to helping people who are struggling financially is education. “Education,” Jon added, “one of my favorite things to do.”

Jared Sedlmayr

As a young child fascinated with Japan, Jared Sedlmayr had the opportunity to study abroad immersing himself in the Japanese culture. After his returned he found his way to Marine Credit Union, where he is able to help others. “The world would be a better place if we all just reach out and help others. Everyone deserves basic happiness, comfort and security.” Jared shared. “The world needs more hope.”

Tara Kieler

Tara Kieler works remotely from her Platteville, Wisconsin home as a Regional Service Manager. “We can learn what it’s like in different departments,” Tara explained and said that it gives employees the opportunity to learn their “best fit” in the organization. This all serves MCU’s values of collaboration and commitment well. “I love our new values.”

Scott Runke

Scott Runke is a senior mortgage loan representative at Marine Credit Union (MCU). He lives in Green Bay and covers the Green Bay and surrounding areas, “Basically Northeast Wisconsin,” he explained. “We are the mortgage lenders for the MCU field representatives.”

Hannah Dickinson

Hannah Dickinson explained that she oversees the front end of the collections process at Marine Credit Union (MCU) as the Collections Department Manager. “Collections has a bad rap,” she explained. “At MCU,” she said, “We take the compassionate approach knowing that everybody is coming from a different place.”

Cayla Gregory

Cayla Gregory shared that she was fearless when she was younger. At one point in her life, though, Cayla explained, “I lost myself. I lost my balance.” But everything changed when she met her husband, Steve and she found her way through it all with him, her supportive work environment at MCU and a little ghost hunting!

Becky Potts

Becky Potts serves Marine Credit Union (MCU) as the Director of Human Capital, Payroll and Benefits. She explained that it is important to her to do whatever it takes to enhance the employee’s life, health, and well-being and their families. “Employees are number one,” she added. “If we don’t have employees, we won’t have members.”

Tricia Chappell

“I believe everything in life happens for a reason,” Tricia said while sharing that her parents divorced when she was a child. “My mom and dad loved each other, but they were not soulmates. They are happier now. Everything is just a stepping-stone so that you can learn and grow. Every challenge you go through … it strengthens your character.”

Paul Hansmeier

Paul Hansmeier grew up around family who instilled him with values such as honesty, humility, hard work and respect. His empathetic nature and desire to help others aligns with MCU’s mission. At MCU, he said, “I’m surrounded by like-minded people with common purposes. It’s not a negative environment. It goes back to the way I was raised.”

Liz Malott

Liz Malott serves as the Sr. Vice President of Talent at Marine Credit Union (MCU). Liz shared that she never aspired to be a leader, but followed the advice of her mother and mentors along the way. She now helps to bring together a community of people who drive MCU’s mission of advancing the lives of people and in doing so, helps its employees reach their personal and professional goals.

Jenna Reedy

Jenna Reedy shared she felt very supported by her Marine Credit Union (MCU) team while facing unimaginable challenges in her and her husband’s personal life. “Everyone is going through something,” Jenna said. “It’s their story. It’s important to have things like this,” she said of the Heart of MCU. It’s important, she said, “so we can hear each other, support each other and be grateful for each other.”

Becka Wingham

A self-proclaimed “country girl at heart,” Becka Wingham not only lives the country life at home but also appreciates the small community atmosphere at the Platteville branch. “Having our close-knit team is very important,” she continued. “We have each other to lean on and listen to when we are having a bad (or good) day. We are open with each other. And we trust each other.”

Ryan Holbrook

Ryan Holbrook shared what he appreciates about working at MCU. Ryan said, “I can’t think of anything bad working here.” He said he shares the same goal as MCU, “trying to do the best for our members and help them out as much as we can.” The payoff for Ryan “is watching members you’ve helped grow, turn their life around and fight their way out of financial hardship.”

Catherine Vorwald

Catherine Vorwald, MCU Member Service Representative, explained that her mother “has more compassion and courage than the rest of us.” Is that where Catherine gets her compassionate nature from? “Probably,” Catherine replied. “It’s just automatic. I expect everyone to have compassion. I think we need more of that.”

Aaron McCollum

Motivated with passion and purpose, after losing his beloved grandparents, Aaron McCollum shared a glimpse of all he and his wife Patricia do to serve others. His purpose is, he said, “Simply, to make others feel valued. Not just by myself, but that God values them and wants that relationship with them.”

Jordan Rangel

Jordan Rangel is passionate about caring on the legacy his father started 31 years ago – creating a traveling baseball team. After losing his father in a tragic work accident in 1996, Jordan took over in his place. The organization now serves 17 baseball and 13 softball teams and has built and runs a complex for the community youth. “I think about it all the time,” he shared. “To give back to the youth of the community … it’s pretty special to us.”

Bella Leach

As a college intern and full-time Member Service Representative at MCU, Bella Leach said she isn’t sure what area of leadership she is most interested in, but she knew she wanted to pursue leadership after a previous manager saw potential in and believed in her. “I really like leading others,” Bella commented. “I liked seeing people grow and I liked seeing I could have an impact on others.”

Amy Bryant

Amy Bryant is grateful for her upbringing in Whitefish, Montana before that area, near Glacier National Park, was overtaken by tourists. She later went through challenges in her life but now is happy in her personal and professional life. She said that she aligns with MCU’s values in helping members overcome their own challenges. “I hope that I’m doing good … doing good with our mission. I have a lot of compassion. I know I’m in the right company with MCU.”

Alec Everson

Growing up, Alec Everson shared he felt “lost” and “afraid.” But with his wife Alyssa at his side and his supportive work environment at MCU, he said his perspective has shifted. “There is a sense of purpose in this department,” Alec shared. “It’s a huge feeling to have helped people.”

Brittany Stanchfield

Having to take time off to find herself and overcome mental health challenges aggravated by her past work experiences, Brittany shared that she is now able to help members at Marine CU. “People see their negative balances. They are not where they want to be right now, but I will work with you to help you get in a better situation. I will try to help you find yourself.”

Lynn Gorzlancyk

Lynn Gorzlancyk’s background and passion for the fine arts is a “good blend” with her work as a Real Estate Loan Servicing Rep at MCU. She explained, “You have to be able to think outside the box and look at things from different perspectives. I’ve been able to bring that to my work.”

Erica Plaza

Erica Plaza is grounded in her traditional values in her personal and professional life. She said that Marine Credit Union’s core values “speak” to her. “I am where I have to be, career-wise,” Erica commented. “It is my calling to be here.”

Courtney Shaw

“We aren’t the only place (members) are behind,” Courtney Shaw shared during her interview. “If they are behind on their house or car, they are probably living paycheck to paycheck.” Courtney said that having her training in financial counseling and having experienced her own financial hardships in the past helps her to dig deeper into members’ situations and put them on a better financial path.

Brooke Liu

Early on, Brooke Liu studied with the intention of working on mass murders and serial killers for the FBI, but her path led her to serving the community in security and banking. “There are times it is hard to work in fraud,” she said. “Identity theft is a traumatic event for members. You have to build a rapport with them. I let them know, ‘I will help you through this.’”

Barb Kotsonis

“I love learning,” Barb Kotsonis, who does a lot of training at Marine Credit Union, shared during her Heart of MCU interview. “That is why I love teaching. I will continue to learn whether I am in the classroom or not. My goal is to learn something every day, not just to quench your thirst for knowledge, but to keep yourself young.”

Arlys Lankey

Arlys Lankey “technically” has been with MCU for 11 years but has been working in the banking field for over 30. What makes her great at customer support? “People say that I have great empathy, patience, and understanding for the person on the phone,” she answered during her Heart of MCU interview. And it doesn’t hurt having those 30 years of experience as well.