Deposit Operations · August 29, 2023

Jessie Magee

Jessie Magee

Jessie Magee, Marine Credit Union (MCU) Deposit Operations Representative, explained that she “helps tellers on the back end of deposit accounts.” She explained that it is part of her job to “make sure everything goes smoothly and money is going where it’s supposed to go.” Jessie had been at MCU just over seven years at the time of her Heart of MCU interview.

“I started as a lender,” she explained. “That was not my cup of tea,” Jessie smiled and added that she eventually found where she best fit through a series of events, including the COVID-19 pandemic when the branch she worked at closed. “COVID was not a great thing, but there were silver linings … definitely,” she added. At MCU, she said, “They have embraced remote work and have embraced employees’ happiness of working from home. It’s the coolest thing.”

Jessie lives 10 minutes to the north now but was born and lived in Green Bay through high school. She attended UW-Milwaukee and studied criminal justice. “I never used it,” she admitted. She even was certified in death investigation where she learned how to “work a crime,” blood splatters, and fingerprints. “It was interesting,” she shared. “One of my professors interrogated Jeffry Dahmer. It was super interesting,” she said learning why criminals are who they are. She shared that her class even got to see crime scene photos from the infamous case. Why criminal justice? “I was a big fan of Law and Order,” she shared and smiled. But more seriously added, “I thought I was going to do probation and parole to help people get back on their feet.”

Her job out of college, though, was at Family Video, and after Jessie found her way to MCU. “It’s way better here,” she shared, “especially having some holidays off. I wasn’t used to that.”

Jessie married Travis in June of 2021 and they now have twin boys, Henry and Sullivan, who were four months old at the time of her interview. “They are outrageous and adorable and absolutely tiring,” she shared about her little ones. “We have twins on both sides,” she explained and laughed. “We should have … but weren’t expecting two kids.”

Jessie explained that she was admitted to the hospital just shy of 28 weeks with the boys. She was in the hospital for 47 days before they were born and was out of work for almost five months. She shared that her team at MCU welcomed her back “with open arms” after that time. “It was crazy.”

And now? “We are doing great,” Jessie shared. “Just exhausted all of the time,” she added and smiled.

“I’m a boy mom,” Jessie continued. “I do have a seven-and-a-half-year-old niece, whom I love! I will do the girly stuff with her.” Her family, she added, also has a female cat named Steve. “She’s crazy cool,” Jessie shared.

Anything else? “Just make sure people know I love my family and my awesome kids. I love my job. I have no complaints about Marine Credit Union.”