Deposit Operations

Jessie Magee

Jessie Magee summed up for Heart of MCU interview by saying, “Just make sure people know I love my family and my awesome kids. I love my job. I have no complaints about Marine Credit Union.”

Emily Cochran

Weaving through the diverse, interesting and colorful stories of her life, Emily Cochran told the most difficult one to hear near the end of her interview … with an important message to help others who may be struggling.

Brooke Liu

Early on, Brooke Liu studied with the intention of working on mass murders and serial killers for the FBI, but her path led her to serving the community in security and banking. “There are times it is hard to work in fraud,” she said. “Identity theft is a traumatic event for members. You have to build a rapport with them. I let them know, ‘I will help you through this.’”

Meghan Lawrence

Family is important to Meghan Lawrence, Senior Deposit Operations Representative. Meghan said she not only appreciates the compassionate and collaborative culture in her own department but that the collaboration between departments at MCU is “amazing to see.” She explained that same compassion is carried out to members as well. “For some members, you are the person they can confide in. Maybe they don’t have anyone else. They became like family.”

Marie MacGlashin

Marie MacGlashin said it was important to her to work for an organization that aligns with her personal values and encourages her to serve the underserved in her community. “We only have one shot at this,” Marie shared. “You want to know you are making a difference … leaving a legacy.”

Brenda Stone

Inspired by a “challenging” previous boss and a sister who lost her life in 2018 to Leukemia, Brenda Stone said, “My day is successful when I can help someone or help them feel better.” Brenda strives to do so every single day … personally and professionally.

Linda Gurath

Linda Gurath started her career in finances while she was still in high school. She explained that her mother worked as a manager for a financial company during that time. “She had to get permission from her district manager in order for me...