Deposit Operations · February 18, 2022

Marie MacGlashin

Marie MacGlashin is the Marine Credit Union (MCU) Director of Deposit Operations and works out the La Crosse area. “My team does a little of everything,” she explained, “deposits, checking, debit cards, fraud and we support all the internal teams.” She has 18 people on her team and said they are all “awesome.”

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Marie said there was a “really big change for everyone in the office.” “It has been a transition everyone has had to get used to,” Marie shared. “I miss the potlucks,” she added, but said they are now more intentional about collaborating and that they have become “more efficient in many ways.”

Even before the pandemic, Marie explained that there were a lot of changes under way to digitize systems at MCU, and the credit union now has 31 Smart ATMs.

The pilot to use the Smart ATMs began in the spring of 2020. “They can do everything an ATM can do and more with a debit card or account number,” Marie explained. She said MCU had all 31 Smart ATMs installed in only nine months. “Our national vendor said it was the biggest rollout seen in the shortest amount of time,” Marie shared.

Marie explained that a lot of time was spent helping members get used to using the digital channel since the beginning of the pandemic, but now they have more time to focus on MCU members … working on financial counseling and education.

Marie explained that previously MCUs fraud department was decentralized. But, because of the move to more online banking, “There became a lot more fraud,” she explained, and said that it was important to have a dedicated department to help with that. “Unfortunately, people try to take advantage of that. It’s everywhere.”

Some of the worst examples, Marie explained are called “romance scams. They befriend or date someone and then ask for money. It not only affects their finances but also their emotions.” A big part of helping to fight against fraud is education. Marie explained MCU posts blog articles to help educate members and there is also internal education and training.

MCU’s commitment to helping members and giving back to the community is important to Marie. “At (MCU), everyone knows the four core values (4Cs). It’s important.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of teams,” Marie continued. “They genuinely care about doing the right thing for members and for each other. It’s not even a question. They are committed to helping. It’s awesome to see others helping each other. I’ve never seen a team come together more.”

“We only have one shot at this. You want to know you are making a difference … leave a legacy,” Marie shared. Originally from the La Crosse area, Marie grew up on the family farm and shared that her parents were very involved in the community. “It was part of my life growing up,” she said and added that it’s important to her and her husband, Kevin, to set the same example for their children Ireland (14) and Cullen (12).

Outside of work, Marie and her family volunteer for Lions and have worked Chicken Qs, pancake breakfasts, and at a free food pantry and thrift store. “That’s why I came to MCU,” Maire shared. “It was about helping to serve the underserved. It was about working for an organization that aligns with my personal values.”

“It’s cool to see all the different things that happen at MCU,” she added. “Knowing we are giving back is really important to me.

Marie earned her MBA from Viterbo University. She joined MCU in 2016. She said it is exciting for her to be in leadership at MCU because she can help others find that thing that makes them happy. “I really enjoy working for (MCU),” Marie said. “I love my team. It’s an adventure, every day.”