Deposit Operations · June 28, 2022

Meghan Lawrence

Meghan Lawrence

Meghan Lawrence’s official title at Marine Credit Union (MCU) is Senior Deposit Operations Representative. Her focus, she explained, is on helping MCU branch staff with questions members have regarding things such as IRAs, card holder disputes, and overseeing and troubleshooting instant issue debit card machines. Originally from the La Crosse, WI area, Meghan will be celebrating her five-year anniversary with MCU this June.

Meghan’s career in banking and finance started with an apprenticeship program in high school when she was only 15 years old. She said that she was good at math in high school and was asked if she would ever consider an apprenticeship with a bank. At one time, Meghan’s mom also worked as a teller at a bank and told Meghan “I really enjoyed doing it.” “We would have class in the mornings and get done as early as noon, then go to work,” she explained.

After high school, Meghan attended Scott Community College in Davenport, IA and earned an associate degree in accounting. Wanting to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but also wanting to move back home to be with family, Meghan was soon interviewed for a position at MCU. She was offered the position the next day.

Meghan said she had never worked for a credit union before and joked that prior to being hired she was told she wouldn’t be getting every holiday off … like they did at the banks. She said she was given a little flexible time to transition, “unwind and enjoy life” before she started her new job at MCU.

“Our jobs are important. Family and taking care of ourselves are important too,” Meghan commented. “MCU does well considering family, during family emergencies or even when you just need a day to breath.” She said they believe in taking care of their family. “Let us know what we can do. We will cover for you.’ It’s nice to work for a company that has those values. They are here for the members and each other … 100 percent.”

Two years ago, Meghan shared she was told to “take whatever time you need,” after experiencing an unimaginable loss in her life. “The compassion and commitment to family is huge with MCU. The team is super supportive.”

Meghan said she not only appreciates the compassionate and collaborative culture in her own department but that the collaboration between departments at MCU is “amazing to see,” as well.

She explained that when the branch lobbies reopened after all being shut down due to Covid, that people from different departments all came together to welcome members back into the branches. “It was good to see how excited members where to see us in person again,” she shared. “For some members, you are the person they can confide in. Maybe they don’t have anyone else. They became like family. Them being able to share their lives with us is very nice to see.”

“We watch people’s kids grow up from a baby to now being in college,” Meghan added. She said she gets a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment making members feel comfortable enough to share those parts of their lives with them.

Outside of work, Meghan enjoys visiting family and cheering on her brother while racing. She said that much like what she has found at MCU, in the racing community, “Everyone is there to help everyone else. It’s like an extended family.”

Meghan shared she is very close with her family. “We were always super close with our grandparents. They held the family together. We were always together for the holidays. It’s so nice being together.”

“What family is perfect?” Meghan added with a laugh. “But we always tend to make it through misunderstandings. It’s really nice to have the support of family.”

“At MCU,” Meghan continued, “I really enjoy it. Our team works really well together.” Meghan said the deposit operations department has tripled in size since she started. “It’s so nice to have so many working in a department who all get alone to achieve the overall goals of the company – helping where we can help.”