Consumer Lending · February 10, 2022

Sabina Guyer

Sabina Guyer

Sabina Guyer is an “Inbound Loan Closer” at Marine Credit Union (MCU). She has worked at MCU for 5 years. Prior to this position, Sabina worked as a Senior Consumer Loan Officer, but said she feels she may have found her niche in the unique position she is in now. She works with the Inbound Lending Team.

Sabina said she wasn’t aware of the community focus of MCU’s mission prior to working there. It was during monthly meetings at work that she learned of the focus on community. And now, Sabina shared, MCU’s focus on giving back to the community is one of the reasons she works at MCU. “I like the giving back,” she said.

Sabina shared she loves volunteering for causes such as Habitat for Humanity and Operation Santa through the Prairie du Chien Rotary Club. She explained that MCU’s Foundation helps to make those community volunteer hours available for employees as well as brings funds to the communities where the employees work and live.

Sabina was born in Prairie du Chien and grew up in Minnesota in the Red Wing/Mankato area. She moved “back home” to Prairie du Chien 20 years ago and raised her two sons, Caleb (19) and Hunter (21) in the area. Her dog though, Max, a goldendoodle, Sabina confided, “is my baby. He was there for me when my kids grew up and moved out.”

Before MCU, Sabina worked many hours as a waitress and card dealer at the local casino. “I had a lot of fun doing that,” she shared. Eventually though, she was referred to MCU by others who work at the credit union.

Sabina connects personally with MCUs core values, especially that of compassion. “There was a time I was going to leave MCU,” Sabina confided, but she had built relationships with the members and the other people she worked with and for. “Building and establishing relationships is very important to me,” she said. “Compassion is why I am here.”

“I was poor growing up … from a broken home,” Sabina shared. She explained that she spent time in and out of foster care as a child. During that time in her life, she learned it was important to have compassion for people. “As a young mother, I didn’t have a reliable vehicle and had lesser than perfect credit.” Sabina shared she now has been trained to learn the stories of those who came to her for their financial needs. To have compassion. “It’s not about the sales numbers. It’s about knowing that I am helping people in my community.”

Although she said her job can feel stressful at times, Sabina said what she does now is a “good fit” for her. “I like doing paperwork. I am a procedure person,” she added. “I enjoy what I do.”

Sabina shared she is also grateful for the opportunities MCU provides her with to help her neighbors and volunteer in the community.

Outside of work, Sabina said she prefers to be outdoors and spends a lot of her time walking, hiking and on the river in their pontoon. “Any time the weather is decent,” she said with a smile. “I love it here,” she added, “until winter.”