Business Development Officer · March 15, 2022

Chris Steinert

Chris Steinert

Chris Steinert is a Business Development Officer at Marine Credit Union (MCU) covering the greater Fox Valley area in Eastern Wisconsin. He has been with MCU for two years. Chris’ post-secondary background is in mechanical engineering and science education. He shared he would still love to teach, but after applying to schools post-graduation, his search led him to a career in insurance, finance and investment management. “Education to insurance,” he commented. “I took an unconventional route.” But seeing he had an interest in both science and math, he found a good fit for himself in the business world.

The World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Chris started working for MCU during that time. Chris shared he started going to La Crosse for training and after the second week was sent home. “All the computers were boxed up and sent home,” he said.

An interesting start, but his story began before accepting a position at MCU. Chris said he had heard about the “community driven” MCU even before applying for his job. “I see the value of being involved in helping,” he said. Previously, Chris said his job got in his way of helping. “So, I can help people while I’m working. It’s a good way to help people on the daily,” he added.

“I grew up in a very small town,” Chris continued. “There were not a whole lot of volunteer opportunities.” But, when he “got back to the city,” Chris said he found ways to help such as volunteering for Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. “It’s good to pay it forward,” Chris commented. “It’s easy to take advantage of how much we’re blessed.”

Even the band Chris plays in does a show to fundraise for “Fishing has no Boundaries,” an organization that makes fishing accessible for anyone. “It’s good to bring smiles to people,” Chris said. “There is so much negativity in the world. It’s easy,” he added, “if you take the time.”

Chris is also passionate about coaching and sports and has volunteered photography for polar plunge fundraisers for Special Olympics. “Without Special Olympics,” he commented, “a lot of kids wouldn’t be able to participate in sports.”

Chris credits his upbringing for his altruistic attitude and passion to help others. “Growing up … my mom and maternal grandma were always caring and giving.” He said that if anyone needed anything, they would ask his mom. “She would find a way to make it happen,” he added. “She was always hard working and always took time to help. My parents exposed me to helping others. College opened doors for me.”

Chris recalled a time in college when his football team walked a mile in high heels for awareness of domestic violence. “It was really eye opening. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the extent of it until college.”

“Growing up in Mountain, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for youth sports – I did football and track and field, we didn’t even have a baseball team! I lived 25 minutes from school. It took a lot for transportation. I got my first job at 14. My mom got me to work and back. I was able to learn the value of ambition through work and sports.”

“In my role,” Chris continued, “since I’m out in the community, I get to see what other businesses are doing, too. As a team, we hosted a back-to-school event. We got a lot of businesses involved. The kids had a great time.”

“There is a lot to be said of our local (MCU) team. We are very open and wanting to help.” From “brat fries” for charity, helping to adopt out puppies or supporting organizations that help kids in tough spots in their lives, Chris shared his BDO team really cares and steps up to the plate to serve their community and help others. “I really like my job now,” Chris added. “I love my team.” He said he loves bringing science to work and using his analytical skills. “I love numbers,” he said. “It’s a good place for me.”

Outside of work, Chris is also a member of a band called Driftwood. He sings and plays what he calls “unique instruments,” such as the banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and the baritone ukulele. Even his band members, Chris said, “are a great group of people who also like to help,” and do so by performing at fundraising events such as Toys for Tots and Fishing has no Boundaries.