Project Management · July 7, 2023

Meg Puckhaber

Meg Puckhaber shared she was raised learning that giving back was “super important.” She shared, “I had a fortunate childhood. I was set up for success and taught to give back.” Even though she said she had a very good experience growing up, she knew there was a “whole other side of the world” that didn’t have what she had growing up.

So, Meg worked in non-profit to help make the world better for others, until she found Marine Credit Union (MCU). “Marine had a different philosophy and spoke to a different audience,” she shared about the organization. She said of being at MCU, “I feel I can make a difference,” because she saw that MCU was making a difference.

Meg grew up a National Honor Society student and was a girl scout. During high school she volunteered for mission trips in the Appalachian area. During those times she worked on houses similar to what Habitat for Humanity does. “It was a church-based organization,” Meg explained. “It was cool to go with a group of my peers.”

“The first year, we worked on a woman’s house. She was in her 60s or 70s,” Meg explained. They redid the woman’s kitchen floor because there was no floor. Meg had conversations with the woman who explained that her greatest desire was to have a nice home, not just for herself but also for her family. “It wasn’t just for one person,” Meg added. The improvements that they made to the home were for “generations to come.” Meg shared that she did this volunteer work every summer for five years.

After college, Meg started working and started her family. And she explained that it became harder to schedule the volunteer work that had meant so much to her. But now through MCU, Meg is able to help again through Habitat for Humanity and other opportunities. “It’s great,” she said of the support MCU offers its employees to serve their communities.

Meg’s mother was a troop leader growing up and there was always something that her parents were involved in. “I was always included,” she remembered. For generations, her family served others. Her grandparents were teachers as well as her mom. Her dad’s siblings were teachers too. “Going the extra mile and giving back was something I saw growing up,” Meg shared. Excited about MCU’s mission, Meg said was the reason why she is now at MCU. “Everything we are doing … we are all on one team working towards serving our members,” she continued. “It all ties into giving back.”

Meg, currently a project manager, is a team player and has moved throughout the organization where she has been most needed. From putting together events to show appreciation to MCU employees and to raise funds for the MCU Foundation to working on projects to ease employee processes and enhance member financial education. Meg recognizes that it takes everyone on the MCU team to meet its mission. “Giving back” Meg shared is what she is most passionate about in both her personal and professional lives. “It takes a village to keep the community thriving,” she said.

Meg and her husband Christian have two children Rae (two) and Lexi (four). “The girls take up a lot of my time outside work,” Meg shared and smiled. In addition, though, Meg said she also finds time to volunteer for various organizations with her Rotary Club as well.