Mortgage Loan Operations · June 22, 2023

Heather Olson

Heather Olson shared that working at Marine Credit Union (MCU) was “such a blessing” for her during a very difficult time in her life when her baby was born six weeks early. “He was in ICU for 12 days,” Heather shared. She said it was extremely difficult leaving her child at the hospital, but MCU was there for her. “My boss is great. They were so flexible. I wouldn’t have my career if it wasn’t for MCU,” she added.

Heather works for MCU as a mortgage loan processor on the central team. She explained that she works with members to get the information they need to get their files to closing. “I’m the main communicator,” she continued. “There is a lot of customer service.”

Heather explained that she has worked several positions at MCU but has found her “favorite job” as a mortgage loan processor. “It’s the best of both worlds,” she said. “I get to meet members and be a part of the story and still can work with the processing team.”

Heather explained that she is able to help subprime members by teaching them, offering them guidance on their finances and helping them to a better financial place. “I get to talk to members every day,” Heather said and smiled. “I feel like I am on this journey with them.”

Heather said that while growing up her family lived in a neighborhood that “wasn’t great.” She explained, “There were shootings. We didn’t have friends over.” She added that in an attempt to “keep up with the Joneses,” her family fell into credit card debt. “My parents weren’t always smart with their money. They did the best they could.” Heather continued and said that she sees her members want to do better too. “I see the relief once their loan closes. You can tell the difference in their voice. It’s such an honor to say, ‘We did it.’ … ‘You did it.”

Heather shared a member’s story of wanting $1,000 to buy a bed. “I argued for this member,” she said. “This member needed to get better sleep.” She shared that getting a good night’s sleep is something that others might take for granted. “It truly breaks your heart,” she added.

Heather said that she truly wants to make a difference and grow as a person and help grow the community. “My teammates drive me,” she said. “You can see the passion on their faces. They are always willing to go above and beyond for the member. It’s not just about getting the loan or getting the number. This team truly wants to make that person’s life better. The member is number one.” Heather said that the passion and drive she sees in her team makes her want to be a part of MCU’s mission.

Heather said she truly appreciates the opportunities she has found at MCU. Early on, Heather studied criminal justice at UW Platteville and had wanted to be a probation officer but found her way herself working in the financial services world. “My parents always told me that a credit union was better than a bank, so I applied by the advice of a friend.”

Heather said her plan is to continue to be the best processor she can become, and she added that that no matter what her next role is at MCU, that MCU is her “home.”

“I think back to my family,” Heather continued. “I want to be better. My real dad was in prison my entire life. Everyone goes through things. It’s got to make you stronger.” Heather said she appreciates MCU because her job allows her to help people do that same thing every day. “Life’s hard,” she added. “I think MCU makes it a little better.

At the time of her Heart of MCU interview, Heather, her husband Brad, and their three children Raelyn (6), four-year old Rosalie (also known as the “defiant middle child”) and 7-month-old Fletcher call Rockland home.