Collections · August 10, 2022

Courtney Shaw

Courtney Shaw

A certified financial counselor, Courtney Shaw serves Marine Credit Union’s (MCU) members as the Sr. Collections Representative. “We are not like the mean scary people who come after you,” Courtney said of collections at MCU. “We really help (members) get and stay on track.”

“The one thing about MCU,” Courtney continued, “is that MCU is member focused.” She explained that their role in collections is “really about trying to get (members) into a better place.”

“We look at different options and payment plans,” she continued and said they sometimes even refer members to other programs outside of MCU that can assist them. “We understand that it will take time and we are willing to work through it with them.”

“Communication,” Courtney explained, is key. “We can’t help if they don’t communicate with us.” Once they understand the member’s situation, she said, “MCU typically does all we can do to help them.” Even if that means the member deciding to sell their home. “We will work with members selling their homes. We contact realtors.” She explained that they really look at all the options and will “coach them through.”

Courtney was born and still lives in the McGregor, Iowa area. She graduated from MFL Mar-Mac High School and later attended community college to study office technology. She started her career at MCU in 2012.

Courtney shared that while growing up she didn’t have very good financial awareness. She didn’t learn how to save and spend in healthy ways. At one time she wondered about how to have food for her and her family between paychecks. “A lot of our members live paycheck to paycheck,” she explained. She said having lived like that in the past helps her to find resources to help members financially.

“We aren’t the only place they are behind,” she continued. “If they are behind on their house or car, they are probably living paycheck to paycheck.” Courtney said that having her training in financial counseling helps her to dig deeper into members’ situations and put them on a better financial path. “It’s not just about collecting payments,” she said of her work at MCU. “It’s about bettering their lives as a whole.”

“Living the life our members lived definitely made me more compassionate and understanding,” Courtney shared. She said she had gotten herself into “financial holes” in the past too, but also got herself out. “I know there is light at the end of the tunnel,” she added.

“My biggest strength and weakness is my heart,” she added. “I got my big heart from my mom,” she shared through tears. Courtney explained that her dad was disabled, and her parents divorced when she was young. Her mom, she said, “went through a lot. We didn’t have a lot of money.” But through it all, Courtney shared, “My mom always made sure I was taken care of. She always made sure I had what I needed. She always put friends and other people who needed things first.”

“Out of all my positions,” Courtney said of jobs she has held during her lifetime, “This is my home. MCU is where I am supposed to be. Some days,” she added, “can be emotionally draining, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”