Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson left a toxic banking job for Marine Credit Union, where she now serves as Chair of the Belonging & Inclusion Coalition, valuing mental health and support from her family.

Abby Martin

After a successful career in radio broadcasting, Abby Martin, a Collections Representative at MCU since May of 2022, said she completely changed after having her three boys, two of which are autistic. “I’m tired,” she said with a laugh and added, “Some days are better than others.”

Hannah Dickinson

Hannah Dickinson explained that she oversees the front end of the collections process at Marine Credit Union (MCU) as the Collections Department Manager. “Collections has a bad rap,” she explained. “At MCU,” she said, “We take the compassionate approach knowing that everybody is coming from a different place.”

Cayla Gregory

Cayla Gregory shared that she was fearless when she was younger. At one point in her life, though, Cayla explained, “I lost myself. I lost my balance.” But everything changed when she met her husband, Steve and she found her way through it all with him, her supportive work environment at MCU and a little ghost hunting!

Courtney Shaw

“We aren’t the only place (members) are behind,” Courtney Shaw shared during her interview. “If they are behind on their house or car, they are probably living paycheck to paycheck.” Courtney said that having her training in financial counseling and having experienced her own financial hardships in the past helps her to dig deeper into members’ situations and put them on a better financial path.

Kaitlyn Rowe

Inspired by the resiliency of her mother, Kaitlyn Rowe said she is passionate about living out the core values of MCU. She explained how her collections department uses education, compassion, and empathy to help their members and others in the community reach financial success.

Dean Chady

“Collections isn’t always an easy job,” Dean Chady shared during his interview. Yet Dean said his team at MCU has responded by being compassionate and that MCU has embraced that attitude. “It’s not good for the world,” he said, “when we lose sight of the human aspect.”