Collections · May 20, 2024

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson

It has been more than two years since Jordan Johnson’s first day at Marine Credit Union: November 15, 2021. She left her previous job at a bank to prioritize her family. As the primary caregiver in her home, she struggled to balance work and childcare – during a pandemic.

“It was a very toxic environment,” Jordan said. “I knew right away it wasn’t going to be a good fit for me, but I always have to give things a chance – see if there is an underlying positive to the situation.”

Her previous employer continued to show they did not understand or support her family needs, becoming most evident when she found a note tracking her absences. After two weeks of careful thought, she applied to Marine on a referral from Courtney Shaw, Collections Supervisor at Marine, and was offered a position that aligned with her personal values.

“I felt like a human, versus just an employee. I left every interaction during the interview process wondering, ‘Where has this been my whole life?’ I finally feel not only am I seen – but my values actually match that of my company,” Jordan recalled, who was hired as a Collections Representative and has since been promoted to Senior Collections Representative.

Jordan has found her passion at Marine, volunteering and becoming part of meaningful communities within the credit union such as the Women’s Connection Group, VolunTEAM and Young Professionals Group. She recently became Chair of Marine’s Belonging & Inclusion Coalition, becoming the second person ever to serve in the leadership role, guiding the credit union’s journey to help everyone feel like they belong and can be their authentic selves.

Jordan aims to make a positive impact on others, facing discouragement with determination. She credits her late great-grandmother and grandfather for instilling those qualities of compassion, resilience, and perseverance in her.

“They are two of my biggest impacts,” said Jordan, who lost her great grandma in 2001 and grandpa, “my spirit animal,” in 2015. “They were very much alike – had that caring ability and loved their family and communities, but also stood their ground when necessary.”

Jordan appreciates her supportive husband, Craig, who has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth. “He sees me wholly – and has always believed in me and pushed me to step out of my comfort zone.” She describes him as funny, hardworking, and lighthearted – impressive traits especially in the light of the challenges he faces in his career in law enforcement.

Reflecting on growing up, Jordan talks about her high school years and the health issues her mother faced as well as those of her own, emphasizing the importance of mental health. She believes in the power of words and how they can change and save lives. Jordan is passionate about changing lives and connecting with people by being an empathetic listener.

“We can’t all be strong 100% of the time,” Jordan said. “You need to have somebody that has your back, even if it’s just a stranger on the other end of the phone.” That’s a role Jordan plays daily working on Marine’s Collections Team, which helps people struggling financially get back on track and is trained in resiliency and trauma-informed care. “Hearing those powerful words of support, whether a member or a colleague, can change somebody’s life – it could save somebody’s life.” Jordan lives by this creed: “Everybody needs somebody; I’d like to be that somebody.”

And in another powerful role Jordan plays as mother, she glows when speaking about her two young daughters, Macy and Mila, and their unique qualities. She values her family and cherishes the moments spent with them.

Overall, Jordan’s walk-through life so far has been founded on determination, love, and resilience. She is committed to living authentically and making a positive impact on the world. “I was placed here for a reason,” she says of her journey to Marine. “I wholeheartedly believe this is my landing spot, and I will be here until I retire. I’m proud to say that.”