Mortgage Lending · March 21, 2022

Reggie Franklin

Reggie Franklin

Reggie Franklin, Marine Credit Union (MCU) Mortgage Loan Representative, explained that he was hired in August of 2020 as a remote employee for the Madison area market. He said even though he didn’t meet anyone in person through his hiring process, he felt it was an interesting concept, how he could feel passionate about a company when he never saw anyone he worked with. What he said he came to understand was that it was the “nature of our lending,” at MCU. “We are working with people who have been told ‘no,” their last hope a lot of times. Being able to give them some hope … it’s a very, very powerful thing.”

Prior to MCU, Reggie shared he held several sales roles. “Sales,” he said, “is about relationship building.” He said that what is appealing about MCU is not only creating relationships with business partners, team members and members, but also about “helping people. It’s a lot different feeling when you can help someone keep their house. It’s a whole different level of fulfillment. A purpose,” he added.

“The people I interact with and senior management … it’s true … we really care about people and advancing lives,” Reggie continued. “At every sales meeting, we hear ‘tell me how you showed compassion or how you’ve been courageous.’ We talk about how we have helped someone,” he said.

“I would love to say that has been a part of my life and upbringing. Honestly, it was not. I’ve been exposed to that for the first time, and I really like it,” Reggie shared. “A true commitment to serving the community isn’t something I’m used to.”

“Now that I am married and have a family, I will be proud to tell my daughter what I do,” he shared.

Reggie said he has enjoyed working remotely through the pandemic as it gives him time during the day to take his breaks with his wife Selena and daughter Sadie. He calls those times “family-based water cooler talk.” Family, Reggie said, is what is most important to him.

Something that has been driving Reggie was the pandemic and losing people close to him in recent years. He said, “It made it apparent how short our time is here.” He used to have a focus more on “having things – a nice home, a large salary. “I wanted to provide for my family,” He added. “What I learned through loss, when passing away, money and things aren’t as fulfilling.”

“My mom passed away in 2017, the same year I got married,” Reggie said. He shared a dance with his mom at the wedding. “We didn’t know we were pregnant at the time,” he added. The song he danced with him mom was “Sadie” by the Spinners. “We have a video of the wedding and me and my mom dancing,” he said remembering the words to that song … “Don’t you know, I love you, Sadie.” That experience, Reggie said, taught him how short life is and to cherish family.

“Changes drive us and teach us what’s important,” Reggie added. “You don’t know when an interaction is going to be your last interaction.”

Although Reggie shared he had been honing his sales skills for years prior to coming to MCU, he now recognizes that it was always about relationship building and community. “I get a good vibe from MCU,” he said. “I feel like I was meant to be here … meant to spread the mission of MCU.”

Reggie said he has learned a lot from working with his mentors at MCU and leans on them for guidance. “We are truly a team.”

At MCU, Reggie said it isn’t about sales numbers but truly is about helping the community. “I haven’t done that before. I love that I get to do that in my current role.”

“I’m thankful that I came to MCU. I know I will always have a job here. From the top down, they have always made me feel worthy and needed. That’s important to me.”

“The people we serve … they are not just a number,” he continued. “We are not just an employee. I’m blown away by the executive management team at MCU. We are not just a number. They care.”