Mortgage Lending

Scott Runke

Scott Runke is a senior mortgage loan representative at Marine Credit Union (MCU). He lives in Green Bay and covers the Green Bay and surrounding areas, “Basically Northeast Wisconsin,” he explained. “We are the mortgage lenders for the MCU field representatives.”

Bob Holtz

Bob Holtz, Inside Mortgage Specialist is a self-aware man. He said that MCU employees, like himself, might be “different from the norm” because they have the courage to have tough conversations and the compassion to help their members – however they can. “I wouldn’t change anything,” Bob said of his job at MCU. “I’m loving it.”

Carrie Cimler

Following in the footsteps of her mother, who worked in banking for 36 years, Carrie Cimler, MCU Senior Mortgage Loan Representative, said she gets her caring heart from her mother. Mom always told me I had a good heart,” Carrie shared. “I like helping people. I have compassion for people who go through tragedy. Tragedy,” she added, “changes you and makes you a stronger person. Everyone goes through them … life events … that’s what makes a person.”

Chris Pace

After nearing death during her battle with breast cancer, Chris Pace said she believes God had a plan for her. As a busy and successful realtor, Chris began asking herself, “Is this the life I want?” Soon after, she was recruited for a position at MCU. As an MCU Mortgage Loan Officer, she said of the first couple she was able to help, “They took a leap of faith with MCU. It’s a special place.”

Nick Palen

Nick Palen said there is a “homey” feel at MCU. “Community is everything,” he said of the organization. He added that being encouraged to volunteer and fundraise locally gives him the feeling that he is “personally making a difference” in his community.

Reggie Franklin

Reggie Franklin has over 20 years of experience building relationships in sales, yet it wasn’t until coming to Marine Credit Union (MCU) 1 1/2 years ago that he felt he was a part of something bigger. He said, “A true commitment to helping the community” wasn’t something he was used to but has found at MCU. “I really like it.”

Valerie Williams

Using a difficult past to become “the person others need,” Valerie Williams now serves her community and MCU members with compassion and empathy. She “steps up” at work and in her personal life and says she aligns personally with the MCU core values of compassion, collaboration, commitment, and courage. “MCU,” Valerie said, “aligns with who I am as a person.”

George French III

George French III shared that he got his passion to serve the community growing up with a midwestern farm family mentality. It was all about helping your neighbors. “People helping people is a smart business model,” he said, and he gets to do so every day as a mortgage lender at MCU. “My job is great,” he shared. “I get to help people for a living.”

Ed Zamarron

Ed recalled a memory when he was only five years old seeing his father break down and cry when he closed on their family home. Ed uses his experiences growing up in a family who immigrated to the U.S. to now help individuals with what he called “challenging credit” and “unique lending needs”.