Central Lending

Adis Salkic

Adis and his family emigrated from Bosnia during the war to “find a better life.” He shared that although his family went through difficult times, they support and depend on each other. “Me and my mom and brother … we stick pretty close together. People call me a momma’s boy,” Adis shared and smiled. “I don’t really care. I don’t want my mom struggling or doing everything. She is my role model. She has been through a lot.”

Lucas Zuiker

Taking after the examples his father and his “selfless” and “giving” mother, even as a young boy, Luke Zuiker was the kid who helped others out. Now in his role at MCU and as a CUNA certified financial counselor, he shared that he loves being able to help members realize things they hadn’t been able to before. “MCU is a more caring organization. I’ve always felt good about the loans I’ve written here.”

Erin Wencl

Coming from a background of financial instability as a child, Erin Wencl shared she is able to help Marine Credit Union members because she can see things from their perspective. “When you slow down and seek to understand, rather than being reactive, that is when you can truly help others. It’s amazing how my life experiences have led me to this experience … this job.”

Valerie Williams

Using a difficult past to become “the person others need,” Valerie Williams now serves her community and MCU members with compassion and empathy. She “steps up” at work and in her personal life and says she aligns personally with the MCU core values of compassion, collaboration, commitment, and courage. “MCU,” Valerie said, “aligns with who I am as a person.”

Maira Sarfraz

Growing up in an extreme traditional culture, Maira Sarfraz shares her story of overcoming an abusive arranged marriage so she can help others. “I know my voice can help to inspire others,” Maira said, “even if I can only help one other person. The company I work for encourages that.”

Zach Hancock

Zach Hancock is the Senior Consumer Loan Officer at Marine Credit Union (MCU). He explained that he works with loans and finds ways to help members save money. But that is not all of what Zach does. After serving an MCU member who...