Central Lending · May 2, 2023

Adis Salkic

Adis Salkic

Adis Salkic was born in Bosnia. Adis explained that when he was young, his family left their country during the Bosnian War to find “a better life” near family in Fargo, North Dakota. Adis graduated from high school in Fargo and had planned to attend college, but he shared that his father passed a few months after he graduated. “It messed up my plans,” Adis shared. “I never went to college.”

Although his dad’s passing took a toll on Adis and his family, Adis explained that he wanted to work in finance and that his first banking role was in collections. “I just turned 18 that summer. Me and my mom and brother … we stick pretty close together. People call me a momma’s boy,” Adis shared and smiled. “I don’t really care. I don’t want my mom struggling or doing everything.”

A friend of Adis’ told him about Marine Credit Union (MCU). “It was the only job I wanted. I applied for it and got it,” Adis said. “Once I read the mission, I was on board.”

Adis explained that before working at MCU he found himself in the same situation as some of the members he now serves. “I was working odd jobs. Two jobs sometimes and trying to save money.” Adis shared that because he wasn’t taught about finances and credit, he had to teach himself. He also shared that he didn’t know a lot about banking, but he learned through those personal experiences. “I’m always willing to learn and always willing to help someone,” Adis added.

Adis’ career with MCU started in June of 2021. “I love it,” he shared. “Our mission is to advance the lives of people. I am thankful to MCU for giving me a shot without a college degree.”

“I’m proud of where I came from,” Adis continued saying that although he respects the traditions of his Bosnian heritage, his brother and him are “Americanized in a sense” because they have lived in the U.S. for so long. “We go out on weekends. The old Bosnian ways, It’s not like that. Our mom is really laid back. She just wants us to be safe and have fun.”

Adis’ mom, he shared, “has been through a lot. Her husband before died in the Bosnian War. She married dad and lost him too. She is my role model. She has been through a lot.”

His brother, Adis added, was in the fourth or fifth grade when his family left Bosnia. “It was tougher on him. He is good now. He made new friends here. He’s working on his career now too. My mother gives my brother a hard time. She wants grandkids,” Adis added and laughed.

Adis shared that after work he enjoys having fun and is pretty chill too. “After work, I go to the gym. I started working out in 2020 and lost over 100 pounds. I found myself in the gym six days a week. I play a lot of soccer as well,” Adis explained and added that he medaled in the Iowa Games, in 100-degree weather, and won a bronze medal in soccer.

Adis lives in Akeny, Iowa. His mother and her family live in that area as well. Adis explained that there is a large Bosnian community in Akeny and that was why he wanted to move to the area so that they can all see each other and visit on the weekends.

“I’m a pretty simple guy,” Adis shared. “I feel like I’m a compassionate person,” he added and said that he feels that he is good at relating to members and assuring them that things are going to get better. “If you are at the bottom, there is only one place to go … up!” he added.