Project Management · November 9, 2022

Jenna Reedy

Jenna Reedy

Jenna Reedy explained that she helps to “run organizational level efforts” as a Project Manager at Marine Credit Union (MCU). “It’s fun,” she said, “because you get to learn all the different areas of the organization. It’s a cool view because you’re not in just one area for your entire career.”

Jenna worked her way up to her leadership position over the course of her career starting in customer service in another organization to eventually supervising a team. At one point, she shared that she started to look at her career and what she wanted to do. “Project management was always in the back of my mind,” she said. Around that time, a friend of hers who worked at MCU told her about an open position. “Recruiters reached out to me the next day,” she said smiling.

Jenna had been with MCU for 15 months at the time of her Heart of MCU interview. Although not new to leadership, “The financial industry was new to me,” she admitted.

Born in Blue Earth, Minnesota … her family moved to Galesville, Wisconsin when she was 10. She graduated from GET High School and later attended the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities where she studied psychology and intercultural communications. Jenna shared she studied abroad in Italy during that time. Later, Jenna achieved her MBA from Viterbo University in La Crosse, where she now lives with her husband Prentice and their wire-haired pointing griffon, their dog Franny.

Although she has been back in her hometown area for several years, Jenna travels “all over.” She shared she has traveled all over the U.S., to many other places including Iceland, Thailand, Argentina, and Europe. Italy still has a “special place” in her heart, after living there for six months. “It was one of the coolest experiences I have had.”

At work, Jenna shared she often struggled with not being an “idea person, but, she said, “I always liked to be very organized and drive change. I have other strengths,” she continued. “I can help make an impact in other ways. What I am good at is helping build on ideas and helping get things done.” She said she doesn’t feel like an “expert” in any one area, but she gets to “work with experts and help them get to the finish line. I’m really fortunate and have a lot of good teams here to have that happen,” she added.

Jenna said she has always liked to help others. But her philosophy isn’t about leading from a position of authority, but more “peer to peer.” She explained, “If the team doesn’t succeed … you don’t succeed.”

“My team, though…” she continued. “They are so insanely supportive. I couldn’t have imagined … ”

Jenna shared her husband and her have been going through fertility treatments. They found out they were pregnant with twins and lost one baby at 14 weeks and the second at 20 weeks. “It was really tough,” she said holding back tears. “My team has been … they have celebrated every win and been there for every challenge. And it’s been mostly challenges.”

Jenna share she learned about the 20 week-old on a Sunday. “I texted my boss to have her rearrange my schedule and told her I would be in Tuesday.” Her boss told her to take the week and to let her know what she needed. “I got you,” she told Jenna.

“People were checking in on me, they gave me a card. It was the hardest week of my life.” Jenna said her work team was there for her “without hesitation” during that time, “so I could have a moment.” She said especially knowing that she needed that time to heal, “They were with me every step of the way. It took years to even get pregnant.”

“It happens more than people think,” she added of these challenges. “It’s not a rare thing. The more you talk about it … the more others realize they are not alone.”

“We are still moving forward,” she added. “We will get there some day. We just gotta keep trying.”

“Everyone is going through something,” Jenna continued. “It’s their story. It’s important to have things like this,” she said of the Heart of MCU. It’s important, she said, “so we can hear each other, support each other and be grateful for each other.”

(Praying for Jenna and her family).