Member Service Representative · October 28, 2022

Becka Wingham

Becka Wingham

Rebecca (Becka) Wingham started her Heart of MCU interview sharing she was having a good week and was looking forward to a camping trip in Baraboo that weekend. “Born and raised in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH, I’m a country girl at heart,” she explained.

Becka shared she grew up camping, boating and “doing anything outside.” Camping with her parents began in tents and gradually worked their way up to “campers and then bigger campers.” She explained with a laugh, that her own family is still at the “tent stage.”

“I love living in the country,” she said. Becka, her husband Justin and their son Eli live on Justin’s family grain farmland. With that country life, one of Becka’s passions is her horses; a quarter horse Peanut, and her thoroughbred Sasha. Becka and Eli (at only five-years-old) barrel race and Becka also competes in pole bending races. Becka shared she has been competing for three years. Do you spoil your babies? “Yes,” she replied with another laugh. “It’s an expensive hobby, but I love it.”

Becka shared that she started riding when she was only seven or eight years old. “Justin rides too,” she added. Does he compete? “No,” she laughed. “More like trail riding.”

Becka shared she also likes the rural community atmosphere at the Marine Credit Union (MCU) Platteville branch where she works as a Senior Member Service Representative. “I work at the branch every day,” she explained and added that only on really nice days does she get a little jealous of those who work remotely.

How did Becka get to her current role at MCU? After high school, she shared, “College wasn’t for me.” She said that she had some rough times and also fun times with high school friends. She traveled. And in 2014, her world changed when she made the decision to move with her best friend to Madison, WI. That same year she met Justin while waiting in line to see a concert at the Red Rock Saloon. “It’s a funny story. Justin knew people in front of me and asked to cut in line so he could talk to them. I told him yes, but when we get to the door…I’m getting in first.” She said they exchanged numbers and when she learned his mom rode horses … Becka said that she was “all in.”

While still in Ohio, Becka started working in a financial institution and later was hired at Anchor Bank in Madison. She transferred to Anchor Bank in Plattville. Anchor then merged with Old National Bank and later with MCU. “I knew it would be different working in a bank and a credit union,” she shared. “I really enjoy it,” she added. “I like the credit union aspect because it is more community and member based.” It seemed to her, she said, “banks were more in it for themselves.”

“I like to consider Platteville the ‘fun branch,’” she continued smiling again. “We are a tight-knit branch. We have been working for the last six years together. We like to go out and do extra-curricular activities together and volunteer together.” Becka shared they have built beds for kids in need, volunteered at a local music festival, made lasagnas for families in need, worked with the local food pantry, collected school supplies for the school district and even adopt families at Christmas time.

“This is my favorite thing to do,” Becka continued. “It’s so rewarding to see the families come in and see that they are going to have a Christmas this year. We love it and look forward to it every year.”

“Having our close-knit team is very important,” she continued. “We have each other to lean on and listen to when we are having a bad (or good) day. We are open with each other. And we trust each other.”

Becka also explained that the relationships she has built with members who come into the branch are important to her as well. She said she has gotten to know many on a “personal level,” and added, “They like it when you remember their name.”