Mortgage Lending · June 24, 2022

Bob Holtz

Bob Holtz

Bob Holtz, Marine Credit Union (MCU) Inside Mortgage Specialist, said that working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic, for him, has become the “new normal.” A strikingly self-aware man, Bob says working from home suites him and his son “very well.” Working for MCU works well for him too. “I wouldn’t change anything,” Bob said of his job. “I’m loving it.”

Originally from and still living in the La Crosse, WI area, Bob said he is a good salesman and has a long track record – 20 years – starting in sales shortly after high school. Whether selling building supplies or cars in his early career or processing loans for cars and home mortgages at MCU, Bob knows his “happy place” is in sales. “I am very analytical. My dad is analytical too. My mom too … maybe more than my dad. I just think about everything.” He said he plays every scenario in his head so he knows how to overcome anything that might become an obstacle for MCU members.

Bob started at MCU in July of 2013. He had been selling cars. “On my son’s birthday in April of that year, I realized I didn’t remember any of his first year,” he shared, saying that was because he worked too many hours. He chose a career at MCU to find a better work-life balance. “It was such a change,” he said. “I still worked some weekends,” he said because he wasn’t used to working only 40 hours a week. “From selling cars to financing them was an easy transition,” he added.

Bob worked his way up to branch manager during the earlier part of his career at MCU, but he said he missed the customer interaction. “Management wasn’t suited for me,” he said. “It wasn’t a good fit.” So, in 2017, Bob became an in-house mortgage lender – until March of 2020, when the pandemic hit. “I’ve been in (my current) position ever since.”

His parents worked in customer service and retail. Bob shared both of his parents had “front-facing” jobs. That said, Bob added that he feels he is “unique” being a salesperson “who is an introvert.”

“I flip a switch,” he said. “I turn it on when it’s time to work and off when I’m done.” Bob said he needs his “downtime” and being able to “shut off” at the end of the day, when he doesn’t need to think about work anymore. He shared this is especially important working from home as literally flipping the light switch on at the beginning of the day and off at the end of the day helps him separate his home life from his work life.

Although he was active in sports during his high school years, Bob shared he has always been shy, a bit of an introvert and empathic. Knowing these things about himself, Bob said he knows how to take a mental break when work gets a bit chaotic and at the end of the day, he can shut off and finds peace going for walks and doing projects with his son, Dexter. Knowing these things work for him helps Bob to stay efficient, which is something he has always prided himself in.

What does he love about working at MCU? Along with being able to offer members the best product(s) available for them, Bob also said, “Everybody feels like they have a voice here. You can reach out to the CEO directly or every upper management person. They don’t turn anyone away with an idea.” He said that although employees didn’t always feel they were a priority, MCU is “truly implementing things to make the employee experience better.”

Bob also said MCU has restricted and “simplified things” recently as well, making processes more efficient.

“Why I came here,” Bob added, “was for my son. I would leave at 7:00 a.m. and not get home until 9:00 at night. He would be asleep when I would leave and asleep when I would get home. MCU has given me a life I never expected I would have.” He said he enjoys his 40 hours a week. “It’s why I came here. It’s why I stay here,” he added. “I have no want or need to go anywhere else. It just fits me so well. I wouldn’t change anything. I love it.”