Branch Services

Ian Spohn

Ian Spohn shared that he didn’t have positive role models as a child to learn about financial stability and emotional intelligence. Yet, he shared that he eventually found the love and support he needed from his wife, Alison. Ian now gives back through his work at MCU and through volunteering with children who need support.

Tara Kieler

Tara Kieler works remotely from her Platteville, Wisconsin home as a Regional Service Manager. “We can learn what it’s like in different departments,” Tara explained and said that it gives employees the opportunity to learn their “best fit” in the organization. This all serves MCU’s values of collaboration and commitment well. “I love our new values.”

Carly Appel

Carly Appel, Director of Branch Service Operations, said she feels “so fortunate” to be a part of MCU. “My team is so inspiring,” she shared. “It feeds my soul … how we are helping people in the community. It makes me feel good about the work that I’m doing every day.”

Sonia McCabe

Sonia McCabe’s caring nature, she shared, comes from her mother and step-father who worked hard and always went out of their way to help others. Sonia said she learned to go out of her way to care for her team from her leaders at MCU. Sonia has been with MCU for over 21 years. “I love my job, my team and what I do,” Sonia shared.

Molly Slater

Molly Slater’s positive attitude and team spirit helped her raise her son as a single-mom and helps her create a caring environment for her community and for MCU members. She is always going out of her way to go above and beyond the normal responsibilities of her job. “You just have to be a good person,” she said. “Do the right thing. You have to go to bed with yourself every night.”

Malissa Trossen

“I truly love MCU for the opportunities they have provided and the motivation to be a better person and for the money they give us to help the community,” Malissa shared. “MCU is a company that truly cares.”

Kirstin Kisgen

After having experienced financial hardships as a young mom, Kirstin Kisgen now works as a CUNA certified financial counselor to help educate Marine Credit Union members. “It takes compassion,” she said. “Sometimes there are tough conversations. But we are in it together.”