Operations · March 21, 2023

Colleen Flasch

Colleen Flasch

Colleen Flasch works in Marine Credit Union (MCU) Operations but started her career 19 years ago as a teller. She had worked in various financial institutions but eventually found her home at the Pioneer Road branch in Fond du Lac. Although she now mostly works remotely from her home, as do many MCU employees due to the pandemic, she said there are times she does need to work in person. The main thing for Colleen is being able to help others. “I feel the need to help people,” she said. “It’s just me being me.”

Colleen graduated from Marian University with a degree in Applied Information Technology and Business and soon after found herself in banking. She said there is a different culture at credit unions. She explained that members have ownership and have “the say” at annual meetings.

Colleen said, “I wholeheartedly care about MCU members and want them to succeed. I try to help as much as I can.”

Colleen explained that there is a lot of collaboration in many areas of MCU’s organization. “Wherever I’m needed, I go,” she shared. “I feel like the more you help other areas, the more you learn. I jump into other departments. If you have the basic knowledge of a teller, you can go anywhere. You can grow from there. Tellers are the first line. Members see them first.”

“It’s fun,” she added. “Playing teller brings back the old days. Holy cow … I can still do this!” she said with a laugh.

Colleen said that she believes her experiences in other areas of the organization help her with training. Also, she said when training, “You have to be sensitive and caring. You have to talk them through it and help them as best as you can.”

Colleen said she feels the community appreciates her and the work that MCU does for its members and its community. She shared one time a member brought in a platter of Subway subs. “There are nice people out there who appreciate us.”

From operations to helping loan services, clearing titles and training, Colleen said, “I just get it done. She shared she has always been this way. “I had perfect attendance in school. Even when she was sick, her mom would say, “Suck it up. You’re fine. If you don’t make it, call.” Colleen added, “I never called.”

Colleen’s life outside of work, she shared, was focused around boys basketball, 4H, FFA and the county fair. She said that even though volunteering has been a part of her life for many years, she appreciates being given volunteer hours as part of her job at MCU.

Together with her husband Brad, they have two children, Cayden (15) and Cullan (12). She teased, though, that her “favorite child” is Maggie, her silver lab. “She’s my baby,” Colleen said with a smile.