Information Technology

Ryan Brubaker

Ryan has always liked his jobs, but something “stood out” for him at Marine Credit Union. He said he knew when learning of MCU’s mission that it was more in alignment with what he wanted to be doing with his life. “Every day you wake up knowing you’re going to help someone in the community,” he said. “That is definitely at the front of the mind for the entire company.”

Caleb Chmielewski

Not liking to be bored, Caleb Chmielewski, Business System Administrator at Marine Credit Union (MCU), shared that he has been involved in several different positions and projects since starting at MCU as a college intern. “MCU was my first ‘big boy job’ and the only thing I’ve really ever known.”

Dylan Hericks

Dylan Hericks, Business Applications Administrator, said that IT can be “tough.” But he said he “loves” his job and has a great team at MCU. “Something’s going to break. You have to be flexible and prepared.” he said. “We have a good idea of the issues. It comes from experience … knowing how the technology works.”