Mortgage Loan Operations · December 15, 2021

Mellony Thesing

Mellony Thesing

Although she originally intended to go to school for nursing someday, Mellony Thesing, Marine Credit Union (MCU) mortgage processor explained that she changed her mind after working for what is now Associated Bank when she was only 16 and realized how “cool” it was to have her own money. Admittedly being “money motivated,” Mellony shared she built here career from there and found herself working as a credit manager for 15 years.

While working in collections, Mellony learned a lot about those members. Early on, she worked with dairy farmers. In 2009, when milk prices went to all-time lows, Mellony said it was a very difficult time, even leaving farms in tears. “Farmers are the hardest working people in America,” she shared. She said she, “learned a lot, professionally and personally” helping farmers during that time. “I was humbled by how hard working they are.”

Mellony shared that her father grew up on a family farm. The stories she heard about her father, she said, gave her an understanding of how hard farmers worked, especially she said, when they didn’t even know what their paycheck was going to be.

Working with members at MCU, Mellony admitted, “is different” than working for a bank. She said her work is about “retaining relationships” with members. Her goal is to help them “get on track.”

“You had to tread lightly,” she said. “You had to work with the member to understand their story and develop trust.” That said, Mellony recognized she still had a “job to do. It was a great experience, learning to juggle both of those things.”

Although she said she still maintains an interest in credit and collections there was a point where she found herself “ready to do something different” and made the switch to loan processing about one year ago. “I love it,” she shared.

Mellony also shared she loves what MCU stands for. She said she “can’t imagine working for a company any less motivated to serve the community than MCU.” Her supervisors and managers, she said, empower their employees to serve as well.

“It’s great people who work here,” Mellony shared. “Our team is amazing.”

Mellony explained that MCU gives their employees paid hours every year to volunteer. “You get to help the community on the clock,” she said. “You have more fun than you think you will,” she added recalling one time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on a cold and rainy day. “We had a blast. You feel accomplished. It’s rewarding when you get to meet the home-owner.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mellony has been working remotely from home in the La Crosse area. She said it’s “going really well” for her.

Working from home has allowed Mellony the luxury of being able to spend more time with her husband Matt and two stepchildren as well as with her four-legged companions Copper, a German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix and Carmela, a Pitbull mix she rescued from Puerto Rico.

Mellony explained she also uses some of her company paid volunteer hours to help transport rescued animals. “I have a passion for animals,” she shared. “I grab volunteer hours to help transport rescues.”

She said it’s so easy to fall in love with the animals she helps rescue. “I fall in love in minutes,” she shared with a smile. She said she has always had a passion for animals and had always had dogs. “My heart is with animals. They are so innocent. They don’t get to choose who are going to be their parents,” she added. “You can have the worst day ever and get one dog kiss. Ok … I’m good!”

Mellony said dogs make her day so much better and help take away everyday stresses. Being able to volunteer on company time helping rescue animals is just one reason why she said she is grateful to be at MCU. Mellony loves working with numbers, loves helping MCU members, and loves learning their stories. Before starting with MCU, she said she didn’t know what to expect. “I’m grateful to be at Marine (CU). It was a blessing in disguise. I love what we stand for.