Consumer Lending

Abi Ruediger

Abi Ruediger said she is “very lucky” and blessed with her family, her work family, and her job at Marine Credit Union. Having previously recovered from her own financial hardships, Abi approaches those she serves as a Consumer Loan Office with compassion and empathy, even sharing her own story to help others learn to recover.

Joshua Russell

After a few career moves, Joshua Russell said of Marine Credit Union, “The buck stops here. God orders our steps and everything we do. MCU aligns with how I like to help people – empower people. It’s not just about closing the deal,” he added. “We help people take control of their finances.”

Sabina Guyer

Sabina Guyer said she learned that it is important to have compassion after growing up in a broken home and having spent time in foster care. She now spends time learning about those she serves and listening to their stories. “It’s not about the sales numbers,” she said. “It’s about knowing that I am helping people in my community.”

Evan Schwanke

Evan Schwanke’s goal is to lead with compassion and empathy and help people who are his friends and neighbors. “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” Evan said. And at MCU, he added, “We mean it here.”

Amy Ortega

Following in her own mother’s example, Amy Ortega shared that she loves to help people. “I tend to want to be giving,” Amy shared. “I was shocked to work for a place who loved me for that.”