Consumer Lending · May 20, 2022

Clark Doyle

When asked how he was doing on the day of his interview, Clark Doyle replied, “busy.” Clark works as a Marine Credit Union (MCU) Inbound Consumer Loan Officer for the Cedar Falls and Des Moines areas in Iowa. He has been with MCU since October of 2017. His current role includes calling members, taking applications, and facilitating closings of consumer loans. MCU, Clark shared, was his second job out of college. “People are pretty friendly here,” he said.

“It’s been pretty great since I’ve been here,” Clark continued. He said he really enjoys the benefits of working from home. “It’s great to be able to eat lunch with them,” he said of his children Jameson and Russell, and wife Sydney. “I like working from home,” he added. “There are definitely some positives.” He added he has two “coworkers there as well … Piper and Busch, his two rescue dogs.

Clark’s hometown was Cedar Falls, “born and raised,” he shared. “I wrestled in college. The school had a good wrestling program, he said of his alma mater, UW-La Crosse. “I didn’t want to go to school in my hometown,” and added with a laugh, that he wanted to get away from his parents.

On a more serious note, Clark shared that it is a “great feeling” being able to “help people out of tough situations” as a consumer loan officer. He shared that even his sister got a loan from MCU when she was younger after being turned down everywhere else. “She was really sad she couldn’t get approved,” he shared. “She felt she wasn’t a good person or something. But MCU ended up helping her out.”

In addition to helping its members, MCU encourages its employees to volunteer in the community. Clark takes part in animal rescue league events among others. Taking after his grandpa, Clark shared that he used to give blood when he was younger and continues to do so to this day. “My grandpa used to do it when we were kids. It’s an easy thing to do to help out.”

Clark remembered one of the first times his grandpa took him with to donate blood. “My grandpa is a really great person,” he said. “He always did a lot of charity stuff,” Clark added.

“Being at MCU,” he continued, “I get to be a positive impact in people’s lives. You don’t get to do that everywhere. Some of the things we do really change people’s lives.”

There are times, Clark said, that they still have to turn people down, but he said, “We actually talk to them and even if we can’t help, we are telling them why. My sister didn’t feel valued when they wouldn’t talk to her … instead of just passing on her. It definitely makes a huge difference. With (MCU) programs like “Finding Home” we give them the opportunity to get them on the right track.”

“It’s great to see where we can put people in the future,” he continued. At MCU, Clark said, “We’ve helped out a lot of people in a lot of situations. It’s pretty cool.”