Project Management · May 27, 2022

Megan Webster

Megan Webster

Megan Webster’s official title is that of Senior Project Manager at Marine Credit Union (MCU). Megan works and lives in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. When the pandemic hit, Megan, working within MCU’s information technology organization, said, “We first had to figure out how to get remote.” And after things opened back up … “Depending on one’s role, we had to figure out how they (could) remain remote – based on their role and responsibility.” Megan said she was called in to help figure all that out. “I had some background,” she shared. “We had to make sure everyone was safe and had the tools to do their jobs. I appreciated being part of that process,” she said and “being part of that good foundation.”

Prior to MCU, Megan worked for a much larger organization in health care. “I was used to working on the go,” she said adding she was also used to the remote environment. She said she feels she is adaptable having to be “at the mercy of what the project needs are.”

Megan is from the Baraboo, Wisconsin area and attended school at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse to study communication organization and public relations, although her original intent was to study psychology because both of her parents had backgrounds in that area.

Megan shared that she graduated ahead of her peers during a recession. “There weren’t a lot of opportunities,” she said. “I didn’t have experience. I can’t do the grind of bartending or serving.” Eventually Megan began her career at a contact center where she said she “learned a lot of life lessons, learned a lot about leadership and eventually found herself in project management. “I really liked my employer,” she said but was also “ready for something more.”

Megan knew a few people who worked at MCU. “I was sold on the culture,” she said. “I have respect and gratitude for the demographic we serve.” She said she knew it was going to take an organization with a strong mission to get her to move. “I heard the vision and thought, ‘Wow. There are a lot of opportunities (at MCU). A lot of work to do. I won’t be bored. It’s been a really good two years,” she added.

Megan shared that her mom worked full-time while earning her masters degree at UW-Platteville and her dad was a school psychologist. “I got to witness him go and get a degree and go do the same thing,” she said. As a guidance counselor, Megan said her mom had empathy and compassion. “It exposed me to lifestyles that don’t always end up the way you think they do – like in the movies. I knew it was really difficult work,” she said of serving the underserved. “I was nine when my parents divorced,” Megan continued. “I was raised by my dad after that. We had a unique bond. I heard a lot of bad stories,” she said of those her father worked with.

At MCU, Megan said, she trusts its mission. “I’m not a member facing employee.” But she said she carries her past experiences that she learned growing up with her. “I find fulfillment in projects I work on. It’s for the members.” She said she does it to do her part in the success stories of MCU members.

“It’s fun to be in the background and help to bring it all together. The digital banking platform,” Megan continued, “is like mom or grandma working all day making Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone gets to appreciate the meal when it’s done.”

Megan said she enjoys working with so many different people in the organization. “It’s super exciting to collaborate with so many people and hear what works for members. Our true mission is to help them overcome financial hardships, take ownership, and become stewards of the community.”

Helping to promote individual financial health for members is why Megan said she is so receptive to MCU’s mission. “I get to be part of this movement,” she said with a smile.